Personal Trainers Rochdale

Mental Health and physical health should not be considered separately. We as Rochdale Personal Trainers are unique, because we are applying skills on both mental and physical health aspects.
Rochdale Personal Trainers And Greater Manchester Team

Rochdale Personal Trainers team is providing studio, outdoors, and home sessions.  Besides studio and outdoor sessions, we provide home personal training sessions to those who prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home. Our aim is to encourage everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To supplement, our high profile professional team of personal trainers in Rochdale, Bury, Heywood, Bolton and many ares of Greater Manchester is helping people to get fit and to lose weight.

There has been a myth among many some people that personal trainers will have a magic wand that can get results.   In summary, a Qualified Personal Trainer is a very well trained individual who is certified and well educated.  Therefore an experienced and effective personal trainer would  help you achieving results in most effective ways for your health & fitness and exercise goals quickly and safely. They motivate clients by setting SMART goals and provide feedback to clients. Trainers also measure the client’s strength and weaknesses with fitness assessments.  These assessments are necessary and useful in helping clients to improve their physical fitness. DWS Ltd (Diverse Wellbeing Services Limited), as professionals do not believe only to give personal training to clients, but also educate them. Noteworthy, our education about client’s own anatomy and physiology and many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, helps clients to unlock the secrets of their own potential.

Furthermore, to achieve the most, we combine our sport knowledge, application of sports psychology and the most recent published research. Most noteworthy, we’ll prepare you for the optimum fitness/performance.  Rochdale Personal Trainers and Greater Manchester team.

An effective and experienced personal trainer can help you to:
  • Create your nutritional plan based on your personal goal
  • Learn how you can turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Loose 1-2 pounds per week of your body fat and keep it for life
  • Find out how to get the maximum results out of the least amount of exercise time
  • Have the body you have always wanted, be in better shape at 40 or 50 then you were in 20
  • Fit in the dress you’ve always dreamed of, go down 4 dress sizes or change your waist from 38″ you’ve been for 5 years
  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick with your program
  • Get increased flexibility with personalised plan, even at older age.
Other Benefits of Personal Training Greater Manchester
  1. Our versatile sessions are fun and educational and perfect form of help
  2. We provide help with your Unique Requirements
  3. Our high profile professionals can help with specific goals and needs, either for general to professional fitness or training for an event.
  4. We help you set SMART (Specified-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Time Framed) Goals
  5. DWS Trainers do not waste time = Maximum Results, optimum and sustainable fitness 
  6. Not to mention, our trainers are certified in Counselling and Therapeutic Study Skills. This enables them to help clients not just fitness, the can help with improving your mental health.  Now a days, they’re An Unofficial Therapist
  7. Ultimately, They Help You Form Good Habits
  8. Specialised Treatment Programs developed for individual needs
  9. Learn how to recover from an injury and how to prevent from injury in future. Learn how to adapt a program.
    One-on-One personalised coaching to athletes

If you think any of above can help you then don’t hesitate to book your appointment or talk to us before booking your appointment.