Multicultural Counselling

About Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy

We are all multicultural beings as each of us, regardless of our background, comes an array of multicultural contexts. These cultural contexts may include many dimensions of diversity including. Multicultural counselling is not restricted to age, ethnicity, gender, geographical location, or community, language, sexual orientation, spiritual/religious beliefs, socioeconomic situation, physical ability, and experience with traumatic situations. In this sense we offer multicultural counselling as each of us comes from a unique cultural background. Wellness and positive psychology movement focuses on the strength that client brings to counselling. We help clients through problem solving, work through challenges to promote their mental health.

Our counsellors listen emphatically to client stories and understand their difficulties. But an important part of the multicultural counselling process is helping client to search out understand strengths of available resources.  Emphatically, people can change and be fully involved of their own growth in multicultural view of counselling

Our Counsellors’ role:

Without a doubt, our accredited therapist with BACP and BPS work with clients from different cultures with competence.  Moreover, our therapists have developed knowledge of many cultural groups. We are aware of socioeconomic influences on the client. So, we give special attention to how racism, sexism, hetrosexism and other oppressive forces may act on a client’s worldview.