Trauma Counselling

About Trauma Counseling and Psychotherapy

Trauma counselling; traumatic situations are always frightening and difficult to handle. Ignoring this could trigger even more problems which could bring disastrous circumstances. Thus, a counsellor/psychotherapist can be a great help to deal with this issue.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be a help with traumas, i.e. accidents, fire, rape, assault etc.Trauma and post-traumatic-depression respond well to a specific therapy. Our accredited therapists with BACP, BPS and BABCP aim to address your traumatic symptoms whether it is depression, guilt, nightmares or anxiety.

Issues for Trauma Counselling

• Abuse
• Assault
• Accidents and Personal Injuries
• Childhood Trauma

Benefits of Trauma Counselling & Psychotherapy:

Working through the events and related depression/anxiety which causes the post-traumatic-stress-disorder anxiety that causes the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or the feelings with full of fear.
Gaining self-understanding and insight of your feelings and thoughts which contribute to the post-traumatic-stress-disorder.
It helps to process the traumatic events which causes you be in traumatic situation in a safe space.
Help developing strategies to deal with post-traumatic effects.