Small Group Personal Training

What is (SGPT) Small Group Personal Training?  Price Options for Group Personal Training

SGPT can be defined as a fee-based, systematic, periodised and most economical programme designed and configured for two to eight people, it covers all aspects of exercise designed to get results, utilising options due to the presence of multiple skill sets and goals. SGT is ideal for clients who may not want or be able to afford one-to-one (Personal) training, yet enjoy group motivation and want results.

Benefits of SGPT

• The reduced price point means that you are able to afford this Small Group Training (SGPT)
• The group environment is less intimidating to new members or beginners
• Clients can train in a social and fun atmosphere to their exercise programme
• Small group training will add variety and challenge to a possibly repetitive or stagnant exercise programme.

Other Benefits

• Stay Fit and Healthy• Meet like minded people
• Get rid of Stress and Switch Off
• Toning and Conditioning
• Lose Weight
• Reduce the impact of the passing years
• Stress Relief
• Stay in Shape
• Preparation from your 5K to Ultra-marathon

Our training is for mix women and men for all ages, from beginner to advanced level in Greater Manchester area. If you have 2 to 8 people group, please ask for more information about group training in your area.


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