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EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)

EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) DWS Ltd Rochdale Greater Manchester Lancashire is a fully qualified and accredited group of professionals. Our Therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, health and personal trainers can play a key role in mediation. Our team with extensive experience or resolving issues and disputes at workplace providing support from small business groups to large industries have an insight of resolving issues that as sustainable. We bring change by helping clients to overcome their problems and issues at workplace. Evidently, the workplace issues impacting the employee’s performance can corelate to personal issues. Therefore, our therapists as mediators while being very well experienced in resolving disputes to reach the ultimate resolution for both employer and employee, have proved the way forward.

At Diverse Wellbeing Services Limited, our goal is to help your business reach the next level with clarity to achieve longevity of employer and employee relationship. Our fun and collaborative programmes help put your staff in control of their development. Therefore, the employees are most considerable investment for businesses.

Factors of under-performance at workplace

Basically, most overlooked issue not considered that all employees differ in their personalities. Therefore, unnoticed issue leads the employees that way they react to internal and external pressures. Most employees spend average eight hours at workplace and the work environment significantly influences worker’s performance. Undoubtedly, work environment directly impacts on individual’s performance that eventually affects the organisation as a whole. So it is vital for employers to identify the factors to take suitable actions.

Some of the following factors play a major role in poor performance of employee:

Stress: Businesses are full of deadlines etc. All employees react to working under pressure differently. Thus, a belligerent environment with full of high stress levels will lead towards detrimental performance.

Harassment or Bullying: The unfortunate situation in aggressive environment can create a situation where the employee is harassed or bullied. There are cases where bosses or colleagues pass offensive remarks against the employee for no reason. Evidently this creates a hostile environment at workplace.

Deprived Performance Management: Badly conducted appraisals can create a lot of difficulties for both employees and the business. If a hard-working employee is under-rated, it creates a lot of problems for employee and organisation and proves demoralising.

Diminishing Health Issues: Ignoring health issues of any employee is another factor that affects the ability of the employee. In result, this can cause low morale and rising absenteeism etc. Thus, this may become a hinderance for a business to grow.

Workloads: Heavy workload is another big issue that alarms to signal significant increase in work stress. In this situation, some of the employees focus on quantitative work rather than qualitative. The negative impact could be a toll on their health which demoralises them.

Poor/Inadequate Resources: Businesses must produce adequate time and material resources to their employee in order to derive favourable results. Markedly, this will help them to perform to the best of their potential.

Poor guidance: A manager or a supervisor plays a key role in motivation of his employees. A qualified professionalism from the immediate boss or top management instils the confidence to the employee at workplace. Whereas, aggressive and unappropriated behaviour from management may result in harassment at workplace.

Lack of Clarity: Clarity of role is equally important when it comes to expecting employees to perform well in their roles.  Lack of role clarity in workers’ objectives and expectations creates tension between the employees that results in several conflicts.

Transparency Issue: Employees will make their own assumptions if they are not informed about decisions. In result, this may instigate the distorted image of the organisation.

Clash of Multi-cultures: With a booming diverse community all over the world, many businesses have the presence of multi-cultures. Every culture has it’s own set values, principles and ideology. Unfortunately, some people in many organisations are unable to identify this and do not perceive accordingly. Thus, generating the intolerance between individuals.

Poor team combination: Pairing employees with unsuitable partner may affect employee and organisation’s performance.

Obsolete Technology: It is important to equip the business with right technology to make the employees much more productive. Undeniably, providing updated technology will prove and asset for any business. Thus, the employees can perform better and in favour of employer.

Thus, by considering the above factors can reduce the grievances of employees. Because, without taking considerable actions, it will have an impact that adds pressure on other employees and team. In result, this will affect their performance and your business may lose important clientele. Valued employees can play an important role in the development and growth of the business.

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